Geologic Hazards

US 89 Bitter Springs Landslide Video Updates

US89DrillingYouTubeThumbSince I last posted about this landslide, ADOT has added several videos to their YouTube channel.  It’s clear that this highway is going to be closed for the long term.  ADOT and their on-call geotechnical consultant tasked with this project, Kleinfelder, are currently drilling boreholes to attempt to characterize the failure surface and determine what the geometry of the failure surface is.  They are installing at least 10 inclinometers to try to determine the location of the slip plane or planes at depth and they have two extensometers to measure if any additional movement occurs.  They are also performing LIDAR surveys as well. Check out the videos below.

Initial ADOT Video Describing the Failure

Click through for the videos!


Software Updates

Geokon Demos New Vista Data Vision Site Monitoring Software

Geokon has a new demo site for their implementation of Vista Data Vision software. It uses real data from a bridge monitoring project but the identity of the bridge has been witheld. The company uses the third party software to provide real-time data and alerts from their dataloggers for a variety of site monitoring applications, including tiltmeters, strain gauges, extensometers, pressure transducers and more. Check out their newsletter for instructions on how to use the demo site if you have trouble. (Screen capture credit: Geokon)


Press Releases

New DT80G and DT85G Geotechnical Data Loggers

Release date: June 3, 2008

We are pleased to announce several new products from dataTaker, the new DT80G and DT85G Geotechnical Data Loggers along with the CEM20 Channel Expansion Module.

[Editor] (Photo from Datalogger Inc.) Click through for entire press release. [/Editor]