New DT80G and DT85G Geotechnical Data Loggers

New DT80G and DT85G Geotechnical Data Loggers

Datataker has enhanced the very popular DT8x data logger family with the addition of support for Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges and other Geotechnical Sensors. The new DT80G and DT85G loggers are compatible with sensors from leading manufacturers including Slope Indicator, RST Instruments, Geokon, Soil Instruments, Roctest and AGI.

The DT80G &DT85G support many generic geologic sensors such as inclinometers, extensometers, piezometers, pressure cells, crack meters and tilt meters for applications such as tunnel excavation, dam wall monitoring, mining exploration, landslide monitoring, and bridge monitoring.

They offer all of the standard capabilities of the DT8x Series 2 data loggers including:

  • 5 Analog Input Channels for 5 to 15 sensors (DT80G)
  • 16 Analog Input Channels for 16 to 48 sensors (DT85G)
  • Voltage, Current, Resistance, Thermocouple, RTD and Thermistor Inputs
  • 8 Digital Channels, 4 High Speed Counter Channels and 1 Relay Output
  • Up to 5 million points of internal data storage
  • Support for expanded storage and data transfer with USB memory sticks
  • Serial, USB and Ethernet communication interfaces
  • Built-in Web Server and FTP support
  • Expandable to up to 800 inputs with the CEM20 Modules.

For more information on the the following link for the: dataTaker Geotechnical Data Logger Page.

New CEM20 Channel Expansion Module

CEM20 Channel Expansion Module
The new dataTaker CEM20 Channel Expansion Module expands the analog input capabilities of the DT80 and DT85 Series 2 data loggers. Each unit multiplexes 20 analog channels to one analog channel of the data logger allowing up to 100 analog input channels on the DT80 and 300 input channels on the DT85. These units are compact and have very low power consumption for battery powered installations. They provide a very cost effective way to expand the channels up to an incredible 800 inputs on a DT85. For more information, click the following link for the: CEM20 Data Sheet.

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