Arizona Geologic Survey Releases Earth Fissure Maps

In 2006 the AZGS released their 1:200,000 scale “Planning Maps” which were intended to give government agencies and property owners a broad overview of areas known to have earth fissures while the AZGS was still working on the more detailed mapping. These planning maps also outlined the 23 study areas that were to be mapped in more detail. These areas were prioritized based on the likelihood of development in the shortest timeframe. Needless to say, it is difficult to map an earth fissure once a developer has bladed over it…at least until it reactivates.

The “Study Area Maps” as they are called are mapped at 1:12,000 scale (1-in = 1,000 ft) and are made available in an online, interactive format at the Arizona State Land Department. I was not a big fan of their interface, so you may want to visit the AZGS’ Earth Fissure Center to download the PDF versions of the maps as well, or if you have GIS capabilities, you can download the GIS data directly.