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Available Resources launches GeoSoftware Database has launched a new GeoSoftware directory, sure to be the go-to resource for our industry. The complete revamp of their previous directory will allow software vendors to provide news and video related to their […] celebrates their 100th newsletter!
Miscellaneous issues 100th monthly newsletter

Wow! Congratulations to my friends and colleagues Dimitrios Zekkos, Marietta Zarogiannopoulou and the rest of the staff at! Their May newsletter was their 100th issue. Well done guys. [Source: Read the newsletter and […]

Geocomp celebrates 30 years!
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Geocomp Corporation Celebrates 30 years!

Congratulations to Geocomp Corporation on their 30 year anniversary. Geocomp provides design & consulting, instrumentation and monitoring, lab testing equipment and products, and high-end lab testing services to the geotechnical industry. Find out more about […]

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A Geoengineer’s Christmas List 2010

Christmas PresentSo last year at this time, I gave Santa my geoengineer’s Christmas list, but apparently I wasn’t good enough to get everything.  I did get two things off my list, the new FHWA Drilled Shaft Manual, and the New FHWA MSE Wall Manual, but that’s about it.  That’s like getting pink bunny PJ’s as a kid! So over the last year, I tried to be REALLY good, and this year I’ll just let last year’s list roll over with two additions:

An iPad

This year’s hottest gift would be great for reading my growing library of geotechnical papers, manuals, reports and books in PDF format.  I like the iBook app on my iPhone, especially being able to highlight and make notes and bookmarks.  And you can read an eBook allright, but try reading a scanned PDF report or paper on that little screen, doesn’t work too well.  I like the idea of having my entire library of technical papers, books and reports available at my fingertips!

And the coolest goodie on my list, the one I really want… […]

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New Feature – GeoThreads

I made a conscious decision when creating to NOT include a forum or bulletin board. I feel that with my technical skills and using one of the excellent open source products out there I […]

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Second Issue of International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories [Official This Time]

The International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories has formally announced their second issue. Apparently when I posted about it previously, they had only two of the four papers.

This second issue contains four case histories that come with additional downloads. In particular, check out Dr. Edmund Medley’s Paper on the 2006 Hawaii Earthquakes. He has some neat  photos including some in 3-D (more about his 3-D photos).



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Second Issue of International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories

I’m very pleased to see that the International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories has finally published their second issue. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever publish again. I was looking for a date of when that first issue was published but I couldn’t find one. But I suspect it’s been at least a year.  I was sort of interested in creating a similar type of site when I was first thinking about GeoPrac, but it never worked out. But i digress. Click through for a list of the case histories and some additional goodies.