1,300-ft Precast Arch Structure in Spokane Washington

US 395 CONTECH BEBO structure in Spokane, Washington

US 395 CONTECH BEBO structure in Spokane, WashingtonCONTECH Construction Products Inc. published a case study in their February 2009 newsletter on a 1,332-ft long precast concrete arch bridge structure built in Spokane, Washington to convey U.S. 395 over the BNSF Railroad tracks. In cross-section, the arch structure had a span of 54-ft and a rise of 25.5-ft. As is typically the case for projects associated with the railroad, existing rail traffic needed to be maintained during the construction process, a feat that would likely have been dificult with a more conventional bridge structure. The entire structure was erected in just 13.5-days. There will be a significant dead load of 26-ft of fill placed over this structure. The trade name for this CONTECH product is BEBO and this was the longest BEBO structure constructed to date. (Photo credit: Pat Hoy, WSDOT by way of CONTECH)