Geoprofessional Services Are Not Commodities

GeoEngineers Inc. Principal Geologist and CEO, Kurt Fraese wrote a blog post with the above title. Like many of us in the industry, Mr. Fraese is lamenting over a disturbing trend in commoditization of professional […]

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ASTM Updates for March, 2012

American Society of Testing Materials Logo - ASTMThis post contains a list of new, revised and otherwise updated ASTM standards that pertain to the geotechnical engineering, materials testing and related fields. Standard C39/C39M for testing the compressive strength of concrete cyllinders was updated, as was C42/42m for obtaining and testing drilled cores and sawed beams of concrete.  The month of March also saw several geosynthetic standards being updated or added, including new standards for selecting the test method for geomembrane seams, and for testing the flexural rigidity of geogrids and other geosynthetics.  There are also a few updated standards related to asphalt mix design and sampling of asphalt.  Click through for updated ASTM Standards relating to geoprofessionals.