GEO5 2024 Edition

In the latest 2024 edition of the GEO5 geotechnical software suite, users can expect an array of enhancements designed to improve functionality, efficiency, and user experience. This package continues to be perhaps the most comprehensive geotechnical software suite in the industry and the updates are sure to please all users. Here’s a closer look at what’s new in GEO5 2024:

  • New Program – Laboratory
    • Allows reporting of laboratory data for 13 supported test types
    • User-defined templates
    • More to come on this later in a separate post!
  • FEM Enhancements:
    • Integration of the Hoek-Brown model for more accurate analysis of rock mechanics.
    • Enhanced reconstruction of the lining specification, offering improved flexibility in design projects.
  • Stratigraphy Updates:
    • Addition of user-defined formulas and graphs in templates, allowing for more personalized data analysis.
    • New output options for large format printers, allowing more detailed printouts.
    • Geological Maps specifically tailored for Italy.
  • Micropile Improvements:
    • Extended database with micropile sections (both catalog and user-defined options), providing more versatility in micropile design.
    • New input feature for bond strength as a soil parameter, speeding up micropile design.
  • Settlement Analysis:
    • Analysis of time rate of settlement using vertical drains. See the video below!
  • Foundation Design Tools:
    • Implementation of the Czech ČSN 73 1004 standard which covers foundation design requirements for various structures. This has been implemented across Spread Footing, Pile, Micropile, and Pile Group modules, ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards.
  • Excavation and Sheeting Check Enhancements:
    • Introduction of a depth limit for earthquake effects in excavation projects, aiding in risk assessment.
    • New reinforcement options with nets on both surfaces of the wall for Sheeting Check, offering improved structural support.
    • Flexibility in displaying calculation results per meter or on a cross-section basis in Sheeting Check.
  • Pile Module Advancement:
    • An iterative method for calculating the pile shear capacity, enhancing accuracy and reliability in pile design.
  • Connectivity and Data Management:
    • Cloud connection capabilities allow users to save and access data from various cloud services for enhanced project collaboration.
    • New IFC user data input option, streamlining the integration of project data.
    • Enhanced CAD import features, now supporting IFC and DGN formats for improved interoperability with other design tools.

Anyone can download a 14-day trial version of GEO5 software. Subscribers and Maintenance users can install the new version for free. Other users can upgrade in the Fine Software shop. More information can be found at Fine Software.

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