Alex Rutledge, PE, PG, and Robert Indri, PE of Schnabel Engineering's New Seattle Office
Comings and Goings

Schnabel Engineering Opens Seattle Office

Schnabel Engineering has opened a new office in the Pacific Northwest to service their dam engineering clients.  Two dam engineers from their Greensboro, N.C. office relocated there to get it established.  They have been working for […]

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Comings and Goings

Schnabel Opens New Office in New York

According to the Schnabel Engineering website: Schnabel’s NYS office is located in the Capital District region, approximately 20 miles north of Albany in Clifton Park, New York. The NYS office will focus its efforts on […]

Press Releases

ADSC Joins with FHWA to Conduct Hollow Core Soil Nail Research

The ADSC [Editor] (Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors) [/Editor] will join the FHWA as co-sponsors of a research project to develop a database of the available grout-to-ground bond stress of Hollow Core Anchors (HCAs) and to determine if correlations exist with traditional solid bar, drill and grout soil nails. The FHWA and the ADSC are interested in documenting the performance of HCAs in soil nail wall type construction and identifying methods of quality assurance so that HCAs can be specified with confidence in appropriate applications, both temporary and permanent. [Editor] Photo of hollow core nail installation underneath an existing bridge abutment, courtesy of NCS Consultants, LLC. Read on for the rest of the release. [/Editor]