ADSC Joins with FHWA to Conduct Hollow Core Soil Nail Research

Funding to support this research will be provided by the ADSC’s Industry Advancement Fund, Associate Members of the ADSC’s Anchored Earth Retention Committee, and the FHWA. In addition ADSC Technical Affiliate and Contractor Members will be making significant contributions-in-kind to underwrite much of the design and construction components of the project.

The first step is to establish a testing protocol to be developed on projects already planned or underway. Results from this effort would be used to establish practical, standard ways of performing pullout tests on HCA soil nails. Then with testing standardized a parametric study would be performed wherein other variables would be adjusted and their influence on performance evaluated.

The Principal Investigator for the project will be Jesus Gómez, Schnabel Engineering with support from appropriate Schnabel Engineering staff. It is estimated that the project will be completed within 20 months after launch. The ADSC’s Anchored Earth Retention Committee Chairman, Tom Bird, Williams Form, Golden, Colorado, will serve as the association’s liaison to the project.

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