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Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Engineering

Dutch organization EcoShape is providing nature-based designs for a variety of coastal engineering challenges…working with nature instead of against it. The video below talks a bit about their approach in the context of two projects. […]

Example sustainability report from EFFC and DFI's geotechnical carbon calculator tool
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International Collaboration Delivers Pioneering Geotechnical Carbon Calculator

Foundation Industry Launches Standardized Open Source Tool to Compare the Sustainability of Different Foundation Techniques

Example sustainability report from EFFC and DFI's geotechnical carbon calculator toolHawthorne, NJ (May 1, 2013): The European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC) and the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) are urging the geotechnical sector to make immediate use of their jointly-developed, pioneering carbon calculator tool, the Geotechnical Carbon Calculator.

Developed using internationally recognized standards, the Geotechnical Carbon Calculator is believed to be one of the construction industry’s first standardized and collaboratively produced carbon calculator tools at the European and international level.

Carbon measurement is at the core of the construction industry’s approach to sustainability. The Geotechnical Carbon Calculator uses a standardized emission factors database to make the analysis of the carbon footprint of a foundation project consistent and comparable across the foundation industry.

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Geotechnical sustainability framework
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Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical sustainability framework

As the authors of the above-titled report note, the ecosystem and the built environment are inextricably linked, and understanding the interdependence of the two is the key to sustainability in geotechnical engineering, and all civil engineering. Although I am curious how they came to this conclusion, they state that geotechnical engineering is "the most resource intensive of all the civil engineering disciplines." Assuming they are correct, this is a sobering thought for all of us as designers. [Editor] Click through for more on sustainability in geotechnical engineering. [/Editor]