Two Michigan Dam’s Breach, Thousands Evacuated

10,000 evacuated after two dams fail in Midland County, Michigan

Two dams breached in Midland County, Michigan, causing flooding and the evacuation of 10,000 local residents after days of heavy rains. The Edenville Dam and the Sanford Dam both experienced “catastrophic dam failures” affecting the City of Midland about 8 miles downstream of the Sanford Dam. A Dow Chemical plan sits on the City’s riverbank as well. So far no injuries are reported, but there are many challenges associated with opening shelters in the midst of a pandemic. The governor of Michigan urged people to stay with friends or relatives or to go to one of the shelters. The Edenville Dam was built in 1924 and was rated in unsatisfactory condition in 2018 by the state.

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Source: Michigan dam failures force 10,000 to evacuate and could leave one city under 9 feet of water – CBS News