This document is an easy-reading summary and commentary on the policies outlined in our Terms of Use, that document takes precedence over this one.

Content of a Technical Nature

The mission of GeoPrac.net is to provide useful content to practicing engineers, geologists, geohydrologists, etc. Much of this content is fairly technical in nature. Things like descriptions of how to perform a Schmertmann settlement analysis, or commentary on agency requirements for well abandonment or any number of things along those lines are exactly what makes GeoPrac.net a useful resource.

GeoPrac.net’s Responsibilities to You

When content is submitted by our members for inclusion in one of the sections of GeoPrac.net, we make every effort to check it for accuracy. Our goal is to establish a formal review process with each article being reviewed by at least one person who is an expert in the relevant field, similar to how a peer-reviewed journal operates, albeit with much less stringent requirements. However we cannot guarantee that this technical review will take place. All we can promise is a good faith effort on our part to check the contents of our posts, we are unable to guarantee or warranty anything for accuracy or correctness. For the legal-ease version of this paragraph, refer to our Terms of Use.

Your Responsibilities as a Reader/User

When you find an article that has information you wish to use in your practice, please remember that you alone are ultimately responsible for the ramifications of implementing it on your projects. Despite our best efforts, there is always potential for errors or omissions in this material. You must determine the suitability of the material for your particular application and always, ALWAYS perform adequate QC/QA! GeoPrac.net is a strong advocate of performing peer reviews by a qualified person in your field who has not been involved in your project.

As a user of this website, you implicitly agree to the terms and conditions as well as the disclaimers set forth in our Legal / Terms of Use document.

In Closing – Practice Ethically

All professionals whether in consulting, contracting or public arenas, have the moral obligation to practice ethically. Among other things, this includes only performing services that are within your area of competance. Blindly applying information obtained on GeoPrac or from any source on one of your projects without understanding it or verifying that the information is indeed relevant and correct is ethically wrong. We want the contents of our website to be useful to our members and visitors, but we also want everyone to be responsible when it comes to using the information in their practice.