Arizona Geological Survey Publishes Earth Fissure Viewer

AZGS Earth Fissure Viewer

AZGS Earth Fissure Viewer A new Google Maps based interface for viewing earth fissures in four Arizona counties has been launched by the AZGS.  Earth fissures are a serious geologic hazard in Arizona where they have been known to reach lengths of up to 1-mile, depths of 40-ft and widths of up to 15-ft.  They pose a risk to vehicles, structures, livestock and people in addition to creating potential pathways for contaminants to reach groundwater.

In 2007 some high profile earth fissures in the news motivated the Arizona State Legislature to mandate that the AZGS undertake an earth fissure mapping program and make the information available to the public so they can make informed decisions regarding real estate transactions.  This new interface is a much improved way of meeting that second mandate.

Read the announcement on the State Geologist’s blog, or visit the Earth Fissure Viewer launch page.