Ohio DOT to use EQuIS for Geotechnical Data Management

The contract from ODOT includes EQuIS Enterprise in Oracle, an unlimited Distribution License of the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP), an unlimited Distribution License of the Intelligent Data Entry Forms (IDEFs), interfaces to gINT, Minitab, and RockWorks, EQuIS for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server, Enterprise EDP, and a significant amount of EarthSoft training and consulting services. EarthSoft will also integrate tsaADVET’s document management software (Falcon) with ODOT’s data management system.

EarthSoft’s “Build – Serve – Push” reporting paradigm for reporting workflow automation will be extended with new geotechnical graphics and reports. EarthSoft will work with a new partner, Keynetix, to build DIGGS EDD standards for ODOT and other US state agencies.

Ohio DOT estimates it has more than $720,000,000 in paper-based files stored in warehouses and organized on over 21,000 index cards. They have estimated that if they can reuse their historical data and reduce re-drilling by 10-20% it would save them $12M to $24M per year. EQuIS will be the data warehouse to help realize these savings.

“ODOT has been working to implement a geotechnical data management system for several years,” said Kirk Beach, Geology Program Supervisor for the Office of Geotechnical Engineering, Geology and Exploration Section. “We are thrilled to now be officially under contract. We expect our EQuIS-based geotechnical data management system not only to result in substantial savings annually, but also to make critical information available to ODOT Districts, our consultants, and others in the Ohio geotechnical community.”

A customized version of EarthSoft’s EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) will support geotechnical EDD program submissions. Advanced and interactive user interfaces will be developed for EDP and Enterprise EDP supporting automated geotechnical data submissions.

EarthSoft Vice-President Scot Weaver said, “We are excited to be working with ODOT and providing advanced commercial geotechnical EQuIS software. We expect this will be one of the world’s largest Oracle geotechnical data solutions.”

For more information about the proposed geotechnical information management system, contact Mr. Beach at or review his presentation at the 2007 Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference: http://www.otecohio.org/2007%20Files/Tuesday/Session6/OTEC2007v2.pdf.

About EarthSoft:

EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management system in the world. For more information write , or visit www.earthsoft.com.