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GEO5 FEM gives the engineer the ability to accurately model complex multi-stage construction projects. In addition, structures such as retaining walls, foundations or sheet piling designed in other GEO5 modules can be imported into the FEM application, for general Finite Element Method analysis. This not only saves the designer’s time but also compares two independent solutions, thereby increasing design safety and feasibility.

GEO5 FEM lets you

  • Quickly create models with built-in model drawing capabilities and DXF import
  • Include rigid structures such as beams, sheeting structures, or tunnel linings into your analysis
  • Automatically generate mesh
  • Add anchors, geogrids and geotextile elements into your analysis
  • Model ground water conditions
  • Select material models including elastic, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager, and Cam Clay
  • Automatically generate boundary conditions
  • Perform slope stability analysis in any/all construction phases

GEO5 Tunnel is also available as an extension to the GEO5 FEM.  GEO5 Tunnel enables the analysis and design of tunnel construction.

A free trial version of GEO5 FEM and other GEO5 software applications is available at

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Since 1986, gINT Software has pioneered innovative and highly effective solutions for data management and reporting in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industries. gINT Software is recognized globally for its standard of excellence in software development for these fields. gINT is proud to be the exclusive North American reseller of FINE GEO5 geotechnical software.

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Fine Software is a leading civil engineering Software Company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Fine produces software that offers more than 50 analysis programs for geotechnical, structural, and foundation engineering. Fine aims to offer engineers powerful and affordable products with user friendly interface and high reliability.

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