Giant Boulder Smashes Through Italian Farm

A giant boulder smashes through a barn of an Italian farmhouse

A giant boulder smashes through a barn of an Italian farmhouse

An Italian farmer and his family had an unbelievably close call with some house-sized boulders. You have to see the pictures to believe it. The boulders were dislodged during a landslide on January 21 in Northern Italy. One of the boulders smashed through the barn and courtyard of the farm and cut a swath through their vineyard before stopping near a boulder from some previous rockfall / landslide event. That older boulder is even bigger, about the same size as the entire farmhouse and big enough to be seen on Google Earth! See below or download the KMZ file.

More Photos


A second boulder came within a few feet of impacting the back of the farmhouse. The photos show this boulder dwarfing a car parked just next to the house.




Location of House Sized Boulder

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One of the photos above in particular shows the path of the boulders and its pretty clear that the giant boulder that has been sitting in the farmer’s field for years or decades followed the same trajectory, probably sourced from the same area. Those of us in the geoprofession might call this a geologic hazard! It looks like this house is a bowling pin in a very scary bowling alley. Hope mother nature doesn’t try to pick up the spare!

[Article Source: BBC News (Thanks Juan and Mike!). Images: BBC News]

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