COOLR landslide points (in orange) and NASA landslide susceptibility (blue = low susceptibility, red = high susceptibility), in Central America. Image by NASA.
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NASA Building Crowd-sourced Landslide Inventory

NASA scientists are building an open global inventory of landslides with the goal of improving predictive models for landslides. The data is crowd-sourced and some are scraped from news sources as well.  Anyone can download […]

Landslide on Tennessee Highway 70N Kills Man
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Motorist Killed by Landslide in Tennessee

A Tennesee man was killed after his vehicle encountered a landslide and his truck rolled 200 feet down an embankment slope.  The landslide occurred around 2am on February 21st, 2019 on Highway 70N in Hawkins […]

Earthquake-induced landslide in Japan in April 2016
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New Research on Earthquake Induced Landslides

Some new research on the Newmark Displacement Method for earthquake-induced landslides indicates that the method may be on the unconservative side.  The Landslide Blog provides a short summary of the paper by  Li et al. (2018) that was recently […]