geopractitioner – the geopractice of Dr. Edmund Medley

Is he a geotechnical engineer? A geological engineer? An engineering geologist? Yes, but he prefers the term ‘Geopractitioner’. Dr. Edmund Medley, Ph.D., PE, CEG, D.GE, F.ASCE has over 30 years of unusually varied international experience in geotechnical and geological engineering consulting, mineral exploration prospecting, failure investigation, project management, litigation testifying, academic research, teaching, and lecturing. Dr. Medley specializes in the engineering and geological characterization of bimrocks (block-in-matrix rocks), complex geological mixtures of rock and soil such as melanges, fault rocks, weathered rocks, tills, and colluvium. He is the developer of the bimrocks web site and, his personal/professional website.

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