Upgrading Site Investigation Software: Don’t Fear Change

Widget Factory

Investing in new equipment is the lifeblood of many manufacturing businesses, especially when technological leaps can deliver large improvements in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

However, many site investigation companies are not benefiting from advances in technology, such as software, that could make them more efficient, more competitive and more profitable, because they fear operations will be affected during upgrading.

In fact, there are clear parallels between manufacturing ‘widgets’ and producing borehole logs: the secret to successfully upgrading technology is to find a specialist to provide the support essential to the smooth integration of working practices, procedures and templates and migration of data. This will minimise disruption while maximising the benefits to the company and its customers.

Choosing a specialist in both site investigation and information technology is essential: they will understand the needs of a geotechnical company and will undoubtedly have experience in dealing with common pitfalls and issues arising from switching borehole logging and reporting systems. This will include training staff to use the new software and providing ongoing technical support.

[Source: View this interesting article from GeoPrac sponsor Keynetix, Image: EPA]