New Features in GEO5 2021 Geotechnical Software

GEO5 2021

The GEO5 suite of geotechnical software programs has a host of new features in their 2021 update. The complete GEO5 software suite is actually over 40 different programs covering things from stratigraphy modeling, to retaining wall design, to piles and drilled shafts, and even finite element modeling of settlement, tunnels and more. Some of the highlights of the 2021 updates include:

  • Import and export field test data in XML, XLS, and other formats
  • New DWG import option and enhanced DXF import/export
  • New standards implemented for UK, Italy, New Zealand, China, and the USA
  • New “Annexes” tool to enable entering text, importing and editing images, and more to annotate project files and be included in report output for self-contained calculation documents.
  • New earthquake module in FEM-Earthquake to perform dynamic analysis of geotechnical structures.
  • New water surcharge feature for slope stability program to allow modeling of scenarios such as water reservoirs and dams.
  • Improved graphs of consolidation in the Settlement program
  • New prefab wall with various shapes of blocks
  • Over 6,000 coordinate systems in Stratigraphy module.
  • Sheeting Check program now includes the design of timber or concrete lagging with steel or concrete walers

Check out more about some of the new features in the Stratigraphy Module associated with earthworks in the video below.

And there are even more updates and new features to GEO5 at their website! Go and download a full demo version now.

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