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Keynetix Launch Ground Breaking Mapping Technology for Geotechnical Engineers at Geotechnica 2013

Keynetix launched their latest build of HoleBASE SI Professional at Geotechnica 2013 and this release includes technology to enable geotechnical engineers to instantly preview their site investigation data alongside BGS data and aerial photography coverage.

The BGS OpenGeoscience mapping sets, including the 1:50,000 Bedrock and Superficial Deposits, are now available to turn on in the background of the HoleBASE SI project mapping window together with Microsoft’s Bing mapping and aerial photography. Maps are licenced for commercial use, including the supply of hard copy reports. Mapping data is streamed from the internet, so customers do not need the IT infrastructure to store and serve the large mapping sets.

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Kokosing Construction To Build ARES® Retaining Walls for One of Ohio’s Largest Highway Projects

ATLANTA – April 16, 2012 –Tensar International, the leader in geosynthetic soil reinforcement and stabilization, announced Kokosing has begun construction on the $3 million contract to build Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls for one […]