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Stabilizing Wind Energy

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Recently, URETEK ICR was asked to review a project involving lifting and stabilization of 10 precast transformer pads at a wind farm located in South Dakota.

The pads had settled to varying degrees with 8 of the 10 having settled 1 (±0.5) inch and requiring only stabilization and the two remaining, with settlement in excess of 3.5 inches, requiring lift and stabilization.

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Wind Turbine Foundations and Massive Off-Shore Turbines

Within the span of a few days I had two wind turbine foundation items to post. First, an old U of A Geological Engineering colleague, Eric Ntambakwa sent me a link to a paper written by him and a colleage (Kirk Morgan). Both of them work for Garrad Hassan America, Inc., one of the preeminent authorities on wind turbine design. Their paper entitled "Wind Turbine Foundation Behavior and Design Considerations" was a very interesting look at foundations in this specialized industry. The other item came from ENR, and was about massive, "behemoth" off-shore wind turbines with an interesting foundation design. Read on for the rest of the details. (Photo by brentdanley)