Landslide, Wal-Mart Battle Continue On Route 65 in Pittsburgh

[Update 7/10/07] The Kilbuck landslide site is moving faster and, along with rising underground water, another slide could happen, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said on June 7. On June 14, Wal-Mart and it’s subcontractor’s promised to do more to stabilize the landslide. [/Update]

[Update 5/10/07] Wal-Mart "Tries to Get Ball Rolling" with remediation efforts. Representatives are not yet certain if a store will still be built after the remediation efforts are completed. Check out the photos  linked to the article as well. [/Update]

ILBUCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — hat was supposed to be a way to open abandoned land for a new shopping experience has become a nightmare in the Ohio Valley.The land on a Route 65 hillside in Kilbuck Township is sliding, and WTAE Channel 4’s Janelle Hall reported that Wal-Mart may be pulling out of plans to build a large new store there.  Read the story here. (Photo by Mint Tea)