gINT Software Announces Enterprise Version for Centralized Subsurface Data Management

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“Our new SQL Server edition of gINT offers unprecedented levels of performance,” said gINT Software founder and president Salvatore Caronna. “The reporting capabilities are virtually unlimited. Our new enterprise product offers companies a tremendous opportunity to improve geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management.”

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gINT Enterprise is designed for clients with high-volume geotechnical or geoenvironmental data, which can be effectively centralized with the superior capabilities of SQL Server. Centralization is highly important for organizations with large databases that can be fragmented across multiple nationwide or worldwide locations. A well-architected database facilitates data retrieval and analysis and can help prevent expensive re-drilling in the same location.

gINT Enterprise for ArcGIS Standardization is also an important part of subsurface database management. Database standardization improves accuracy, streamlines data entry, improves querying and enables organizations to enforce consistency across all data for improved data quality. Like other gINT products, gINT Enterprise offers its users vast flexibility in database and report structure, to meet the differing needs of multiple end-users accessing the central database.

Additionally, gINT Enterprise offers the ability to implement comprehensive data backups with industry-standard SQL Server tools.

Data stored in gINT Enterprise databases can be shared with related GIS, CAD, and modeling/contouring programs. GIS users should note that gINT Enterprise will include a new version of gINT Software’s add-in for ESRI’s ArcGIS. This new gINT for ArcGIS will enable users to work with graphs, histograms, and tables, in addition to borehole logs and fence diagrams. Data in a gINT Enterprise database can also be shared with clients through custom Web portals.

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To help clients maximize the benefit of the new gINT Enterprise, gINT Software also offers extensive support services from database creation and optimization to report design, integration with other software, and legacy data solutions. For example, gINT Software can build validation rules, lookup lists, and auto-calculations for end-users to improve data quality and expedite data entry, or assist clients with integrating old data that is stored in other electronic formats, to maximize the value of the centralized database.

“Our clients have expressed great interest in having an SQL Server version of gINT,” Mr. Caronna commented, “and we anticipate that many clients will quickly see the benefit of managing high-volume data with gINT Enterprise.”

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