Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual 5th Edition

Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual, 5th Edition

Congratulations to my WSP colleagues in Canada for their role in the preparation of the latest version of the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual. The 5th Edition was published in October of 2023. It is certainly the most widely used geotechnical reference in Canada and is a great resource around the world. Some of the changes are described on the Canadian Science Publication website (and you can buy the digital version there as well):

This 5th Edition of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (2023) represents a major update to previous editions of the Manual in terms of content, format, and presentation. This 5th Edition contains five new chapters on: Geology, Permafrost, Physiography and Climate Change in Canada; Ground Vibrations; Foundations in Permafrost; Settlement and Deformation; and Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring. In addition, many chapters from the 4th Edition have been expanded and contain significant updated content. It is the overall intent of this 5th Edition of the CFEM to help geo-professionals migrate, as much as is practicable, to limit state design methods, as a better means of designing safe, serviceable, and economical foundation units. Providing the 5th Edition in paperless digital format allows the CGS the option to correct, delete, add, or revise content before publication of a future edition. The CFEM is designed to be a resource to practicing geotechnical engineers and geoscientists as a guideline to practice, and to be consistent as much as possible with the current National Building Code of Canada and the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. This Manual represents a “must-have” resource for geo-practitioners in Canada as well as a valuable design resource for geo-practitioners elsewhere around the world.

Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual, 5th Edition (2023) at Canadian Science Publishing

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