Foundation Drilling Magazine – Women in Construction Edition

ADSC Foundation Drilling Magazine February-March 2024 - Women in Construction

The February/March issue of ADSC’s Foundation Drilling Magazine is a special edition focusing on women in construction. You NEED to read this magazine. There is a great article from ADSC’s executive director, Peggy Hagerty Duffy, about how men often miss the boat when it comes to supporting women in our industry. It’s worth a read. So what can we do differently? The short answer is to find out what your female colleagues actually need by asking them.

There are also some pearls of wisdom from some of the amazing women in the foundations industry and the larger geotechnical community. These are some highly successful, talented women, many of whom you’ve probably seen highlighted in Geo-Institute, ADSC, DFI, and other publications and social media or maybe you have seen them at a conference. The magazine features a mix of engineers, executives, operators, tradeswomen, and a lot more. I think it’s worth the men in the industry to read to improve our perspective on what it means to be an ally of women in this business. And for women, particularly young women starting in the industry or even just considering jumping in, there are role models abound here!