Geotaggng images

Geotagging Images for Geoengineers

Geotaggng images

Geotagging is the process of adding geographic metadata (ie. latitude, longitude and sometimes elevation and bearing) to digital photos or other media. In this article, I will examine the equipment needed, the software to help with the process and what you can do with your geotagged photos.


Project Related

Lasers, Software and the Devil’s Slide

[Editor] National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release – June 30, 2008. Screenshot Credits: Jeramy Decker, Kiewit Corp [/Editor]

Running for more than 1,000 kilometers along picturesque coastline, California’s Highway 1 is easy prey for many of the natural hazards plaguing the region, including landslides.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is currently building a kilometer-long tunnel to bypass one of the most landslide-prone stretches of the highway, the Devil’s Slide, to help ensure drivers’ safe passage.

Using a new software package developed by researchers at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., project engineers are getting a detailed 3-D view of the rock exposed in the excavation, adding a new tool for improving both safety and construction progress.

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Software Updates

Geokon Demos New Vista Data Vision Site Monitoring Software

Geokon has a new demo site for their implementation of Vista Data Vision software. It uses real data from a bridge monitoring project but the identity of the bridge has been witheld. The company uses the third party software to provide real-time data and alerts from their dataloggers for a variety of site monitoring applications, including tiltmeters, strain gauges, extensometers, pressure transducers and more. Check out their newsletter for instructions on how to use the demo site if you have trouble. (Screen capture credit: Geokon)


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Top 50 GeoPrac Content Items of 2008 Q2

It’s time again to look at the most popular content on I’m trying to make this a habit every quarter and so far I’m 2 for 2 this year. In fact, my previous top 50 list for the first quarter of 2008 made the top 10 for this quarter. Click through to see if your favorites made the list or see what you might have missed the first time around.