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“There is a great fit between gINT and GEO5,” says Salvatore Caronna, gINT Software president.  “GEO5 is a perfect complement to gINT’s reporting and data management capabilities. Together we provide engineers worldwide with a comprehensive toolkit for geotechnical analysis and design as well as data management and reporting. We believe that the GEO5 software suite is unparalleled for geotechnical analysis and ease of use. We are proud to represent this excellent product in North America.”

Fine’s GEO5 software suite addresses a broad spectrum of geotechnical analysis challenges. GEO5’s specialized programs range from sheet pile design and analysis to retaining wall design, foundation design, slope stability and settlement analyses. Data can be shared across all GEO5 programs, avoiding redundant data entry. GEO5 offers a very user-friendly interface and has powerful reporting tools. The software is reasonably priced and is compatible with various North American standards.

Cantilever retaining wall software screenshot from Fine

“This is a great opportunity for both Fine and gINT Software,” commented Jiri Laurin, geotechnical department director and founding partner at Fine. “Now we have the opportunity to provide GEO5 to North America, and we are also excited to bring gINT products to Eastern Europe, in both English and Czech languages. Tighter integration between gINT and GEO5 is in the works, and this will bring customers who use both gINT and GEO5 many benefits, including convenience and efficiency.”

Settlement software screenshot from Fine“We’ve been very impressed by GEO5’s stellar reporting capabilities and ease of use,” Caronna adds.  “We think that GEO5’s integrated solution will have a lot of appeal in North America, especially as it can communicate with gINT.”

GEO5 is being reconfigured for users in North America, with newly added industry codes and specifications relevant to this region.  The reconfiguration has been in large part completed, with 17 out of a total of 24 slated programs now available. The remaining GEO5 programs will become available throughout late 2008 and early 2009.

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Fine s.r.o. is software development company based in Prague, Czech Republic, that produces structural and geotechnical engineering programs. The company offers more than 50 analysis software programs for geotechnical, structural, and foundation engineering. More than 1700 users in 50 countries use Fine software products. 

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Since 1986, gINT Software has pioneered innovative and highly effective solutions for data management and reporting in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industries. Today, gINT sets the standard for excellence in software for the profession. gINT’s superior engineering, customer responsiveness and acclaimed support services have made gINT the product of choice for numerous transportation authorities, government agencies, consulting firms, and educational institutions worldwide.

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