Green Retaining Wall Technology

Scrap Tires

Scrap TiresAccording to information provided by Productive Recycling, there are approximately 300 million used car and truck tires are generated in the U.S. each year. More than 90% end up in landfills. Productive Recycling has a process where owners of scrap tire resources can pay a flat fee per tire to have the tires shredded on-site and then encased in concrete retaining wall blocks that are 3.5-ft square by 7-ft long and weighing 1,800-lb. The scrap tire purveyor then gets some kind of rebate when the block sells. (Photo by NoHoDamon)

The blocks can have any number of aesthetic finishes. I’m not sure if Pavement Recycling is claiming any beneficial properties of the blocks themselves, or if the benefit is simply the disposal of the waste tires when compared with other large retaining wall blocks like the Redi-Rock or Stone Strong blocks. A perfect example of a simple process that can benefit the environment while providing green retaining wall technology that people already need. Limited info is available on Productive Recycling’s Website.