RockWorks2020 What’s New

Expand your geologic sections onto multiple monitors with RockWorks 2020

RocWare has released the 2020 version of its well-known geological modeling and visualization software package, RockWorks. RockWorks 2020 has a number of new features, including:

Float aerial Images over your 3D models
  • New interface features, such a the ability to expand across multiple screens, and save and retrieve up to 5 different program menu layout configuration.
  • New RockWorks Playlist to add automation to create models, maps, and diagrams easily. It even allows command scripting for advanced users.
  • Additional improvements to the display options for sections, profiles, and additional sections.
  • Ability to use a background image behind maps and diagrams
  • Ability to include striplogs, draped images, floating images and more on 3D Diagrams
  • Additional output options, including 2D, 3D, Google Earth, and more.
  • Enter the 4th dimension with the ability to model changes in models with time.

Check out the RockWare website for a full list of new features!