Kansas Geological Survey uses Geophysics to Find Border Tunnels

Article on KS Geological Survey using their equipment to detect border tunnels

I’m not sure how quickly they can collect their data and whether it is conventional refraction seismic or something else. The setup with the cables and geophones in the firehose looks pretty slick, but I would presume they still need to seat the geophones in the ground, etc. Still, I’ve been lugging those cables, hammer, seismograph and batteries around on a job or two, that Bobcat would have been awesome.

It sounds like they have had some success with the system, including one in 2002 that was 1,000-ft long. But apparently everything is pretty hush-hush and they don’t often hear what comes out of their surveys. On one survey near Tijuana, they were accompanied by DEA agents and they actually came under fire. I can’t say that’s ever happened on any of my jobs thank God!