Southwest Geotechnical Conference Wrapup


Exhibitors and Networking

  • Meeting Scott Deaton, President of Dataforensics and seeing their PLog software for field data collection in action
  • Speaking with Dennis Poland with Anderson Drilling, comparing notes about getting excited about natural disasters!
  • Speaking with George Ford of AIS Construction – the guys with the walking excavators that work on some insane slopes!
  • Finding GFC-West (Nick Andrews) – the licensed geopier designer and installer for Arizona (they also do Chance helical anchors and GeoBase dynamic subgrade improvement for slab on grade)
  • Meeting Aaron Thomas and Kevin Wilson with Case Foundation Phoenix office and comparing notes on their boss, Todd Dustin (only good things of course!)
  • Putting faces to names for a few colleagues and contacts from various projects etc.

And of course catching up with friend, colleagues and clients!