Obayashi Corp Making It’s Mark on US Tunneling Jobs

Seattle's Beacon HIll Tunnel, constructed by Obayashi Corp

Seattle's Beacon HIll Tunnel, constructed by Obayashi Corp

Tunneling Business Magazine has a very nice cover story on Obayashi Corp, a well-known Tokyo, Japan-based mega-construction company with some impressive tunneling credentials.  In their 30-years of working in the US, they were the first to use an earth-pressure-balance tunnel boring machine in this country, they worked on the Washington D.C. subway in the 1980’s and a few other projects that I’ve blogged about previously on GeoPrac.  (Photo of Seattle’s Beacon Hill Tunnel, from TBM Magazine Website)


  1. Obayashi is also well known for it’s blatant disregard for workplace safety often resulting in fatalities

  2. Mary, I allowed this comment because I appreciate the work done by http://usmwf.org/ But this isn’t really the forum for people with an axe to grind with a particular company.
    – Randy, Geoprac Owner

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