Indonesian mud volcano after just 2 years of continuous eruption. Some scientists say it could continue for the next 25 to even 80 years.
Geologic Hazards

Indonesian Mud Volcano Marks 5 Years

The truly unique Sidoarjo mud volcano in Indonesia has erupted continuously for 5 years now. More than 40,000 people have been displaced and 12 villages destroyed. The rate of erruption has ‘slowed’ to 10,000 cubic […]

Springhill landslide movement rates for 2010-2011
Geologic Hazards

The Springhill Landslide in Utah

This is a nice overview of a slow-moving landslide in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood where you can go on Google Earth and do your own aerial photo analysis using Google’s historic aerial imagery. […]

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Weekend CUP

Weekend CUP for June 6, 2011

Industry Article: Evaluating Cleanup at Hamilton Army Airfield Using EQuIS and ArcGIS – Source: Bentley Geotechnical Sinkhole insurance reforms in Florida – Source: via Rock socketed piles upgrade Australia port – Source: National […]

American Society of Testing Materials Logo - ASTM
Standards and Codes

ASTM Standards Update for May 2011

American Society of Testing Materials Logo - ASTMIt looks like May was a light month for updated ASTM standards related to geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and materials testing.  However, there are a few interesting ones, such as a new standard practice for active soil gas sampling in the vados zone for vapor intrusion evaluations and an update to the standard specifications for portland cement. Click through for the full list.