5 of 8 Corvettes Rescued from Sinkhole

Corvette rescued from sinkhole

Corvette rescued from sinkhole

Here is an update on the Corvette Museum Sinkhole. A contractor has been busy trying to extract some of the priceless Corvettes from the sinkhole that opened up under the museum floor. If you missed the videos of this sinkhole, you have to check it out.

They have successfully removed 5 of the cars. They have been put on display in another part of the museum, with sinkhole mud still on them. But it sounds as if General Motors will be stepping in to help restore them. A video below gives more details on the Corvette rescue. I’m still waiting for official word on some of the geotechnical work being done to stabilize the museum, but haven’t come across anything yet. I have heard unofficial that a geotechnical contractor has been working on the site.

Video of Corvettes Coming Out of Sinkhole

[Source: YouTube. Image: Corvette Museum]