Keller buys Moretrench for $90M

Moretrench acquired by Keller

UK-based geotechnical mega-company, Keller, has recently acquired US-based geotechnical contractor Moretrench for $90M.  Moretrench works primarily on the east coast and in addition to all manner of geotechnical construction expertise, they also have specialty expertise in ground freezing technology and other technologies of interest to Keller.

According to Construction News, Moretrench reported an operating profit of $11.3M in 2017 on gross sales of $168.3M.  The recent interest in expansion in the US has been a response to an anticipated slowdown in the UK.

Source: Keller buys £120m US contractor Moretrench | News | Construction News

Disclosure: Moretrench is a long-time sponsor of, as is Keller company Hayward Baker.

Photo Credit: Moretrench