Transit New Zealand Awards $NZ 2.4 Million Geotechnical Contract

The recipient of this rather large contract is Opus International Consultants. The project is an estimated $NZ 955 million cost of construction. The road would replace the current State Highway 1 through Porirua and Pukerua Bay and along the coast road between Pukerua Bay and the Kapiti Coast. The project is quite controvertial, and among other geotechnical challenges, there are significant earthquake hazards and environmental concerns. But it sounds like the existing Highway 1 also has high earthquake risks and there has been concern that this major artery could be damaged in a serious earthquake.


According to the article on Scoop Independent News

“The work will involve drilling and other geotechnical testing. This will provide a preliminary assessment of soil suitability for future construction work and other important information for better understanding the terrain in the area,” he said.

Opus will be carrying out this initial geotechnical work , in association with Golder Associates and Geological and Nuclear Sciences, with local firm Webster Drilling carrying out the on-site drilling work. Work is expected to be completed later this year.

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