GEO5 2024 Update Released

The geotechnical software program, GEO5, has recently been updated with a host of new features as part of their mid-year 2024 update. This includes a significant update to their Prefab Wall program for modeling modular block mechanically stabilized earth walls, large precast blocks (e.g. Redi-Rock) and similar wall types. You can even include user-defined blocks if their catalog of blocks doesn’t have what you are looking for. See the video below. If you are designing retaining walls, this program is definitely worth a look!

Other Updates

  • Slope Stability – Analysis of pre-stressed anchors
  • FEM – Stability check based on stress analysis
  • Sheeting, Pile – Steel dimensioning according to AISC 360 (LRFD, ASD)
  • Laboratory – Splitting Tensile Test
  • Laboratory – Point Load Test
  • Laboratory – Fall Cone Consistency Test
  • Slope Stability, Settlement, Stratigraphy – Insert and delete of construction stages
  • All programs – New RC standard – NBR 6118-2023
  • All programs – Cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive)

The catalogs of products available in various programs has also been updated by adding products from StrataGRID, StrataTEX, Easy Block, ANP systems, ESC (sheet piles), Greenwall, SIREG GEOTECH, and more.

Updates to Stratigraphy Program

  • Import of GPS coordinates
  • Import with coordinate systems conversion
  • Copying geological sections
  • New construction site input, linear structures
  • Soil profile at intersection of cross-sections
  • Inclined boreholes
  • Rendering object contours in a section
  • Acceleration of 3D rendering

Try Out GEO5 2024 Edition

You can download a free trial version of GEO5 software here! Current subscription holders can install the update for free.

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