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Devil’s Slide tunnels delayed

The Devil’s Slide Tunnels that bypass a landslide prone stretch of California coast will not open until late 2012, a full year later than anticipated according to Caltrans. The tunnels broke through back in October, […]

Road header breaking through at Devil's Slide Tunnel
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Devil’s Slide Breakthrough Video and Links

Road header breaking through at Devil's Slide Tunnel The “breakthrough” media event for CALTRANS’ Devil’s Slide Tunnel project was this past Friday.  A large crowd of politicians, news crews and locals were on hand as a road-header broke through a shotcrete face in a ceremony to mark the completion of the excavation portion of the first of two tunnels.  It will still be over a year until the tunnels are opened to traffic.  The second tunnel is expected to breakthrough as early as this week. (Photo by SFGate.com)

Caltrans tunnel punch-through from Barry Parr on Vimeo.

The Video came from the Coastsider, the page also has comments from the videographer, Barry Parr, which offer a good perspective on the event.

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Crane topples over embankment after retaining wall fails

According to Silicon Valley’s MercuryNews.com, a [very lucky] worker suffered minor injuries when the crane he was opperating toppled down an embankment. The accident apparently occured on a CALTRANS project as the crane was lifting a 10,000-lb pile when a "wood retaining wall" gave way. It sounds like they were constructing a soldier pile lagging wall with steel h-pile soldiers and wood lagging. (Photo by Donna Jones/Sentinel)


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Devil’s Slide Tunnel, Project Updates and Geotechnical Info

Devil’s Slide is an infamous landslide along California’s Highway 1 or Pacific Coast Highway near Pacifica, just south of the San Francisco Bay area. Caltrans’ Devil’s Slide Tunnel project is an effort to bypass that slide and make the heavily traveled roadway safe for drivers and to eliminate the maintenance and traffic hassles caused by slope failures blocking the road. We first covered the project back in September of 2007 when the tunnel portion of the project commenced. In that post, you can find a Google Earth KML File showing the location of the tunnels and the new bridges associated with the project. In this post, I’ll provide you with some updated progress information as well as some background on the geotechnical and other aspects of the project. More links and videos are at the end of the post.  (Photo by Kim Komenich, San Francisco Chronicle). […]