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Video: MIC – Maccaferri Innovation Center

Maccaferri has a unique research facility, the Maccaferri Innovation Center (MIC), located in Bolzano, Italy. Maccaferri was founded based on their invention of the now ubiquitous gabions, but are now known worldwide as experts in […]

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Pucker-worthy Debris Flow Video

I saw this video a few weeks back on The Landslide Blog, and it’s also been posted on GeoEngineer.org. It’s well worth the watch. It’s one of the scariest debris flow videos I’ve seen. Some […]

June 2010 Oliver, B.C. mudslide and debris flow
Geologic Hazards

Mudslide and Debris Flow in Oliver, B.C.

Five houses were destroyed and two more severely damaged but nobody was injured in a mudslide and debris flow that occured near Oliver, B.C. on Sunday. It occurred at 2:20 in the afternoon, and there […]

Oregon man laments losing his house to fire after a landslide knocked it off its foundation
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Oregon Landslide News and Map

Oregon man laments losing his house to fire after a landslide knocked it off its foundationThis is definitely the season for landslides, mudslides, debris flows and other mayhem in Oregon and elsewhere in the pacific northwest. It seems like every time I turn around there is another Google Alert in my inbox about a landslide related issue in that area. Having a hard time keeping up with it all, I decided to try something new. Click through to see a map of automatically updated landslide news in Oregon. Lets call it a Beta…so we’ll see if it works out. If it does, maybe I’ll try something similar for other areas or other items that tend to make it into the news. (Photo by Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian)