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Engineering Geologists vs Geological Engineers vs Geotechnical Engineers

So what’s the difference between Engineering Geologists, Geological Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers?  That’s not the beginning of a geeky joke.  But in most professional circles in this industry, it’s a question where the nuances of the answer seem to be lost on people.  My degrees were in Geological Engineering, but I’ve been practicing as a Geotechnical Engineer for most of my professional career.  But I get called a geologist, geotech, Civil Engineer, dirty guy…and probably some other things behind my back.  I try to explain to people what the differences are, but I’ve struggled over the years to find the right words.


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MACTEC Rejects Allegations Made in Delaware Department of Transportation Lawsuit

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to a Jan. 28th lawsuit filed by the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) in connection with the Indian River Inlet Bridge (IRIB) replacement project against bridge design firm Figg Bridge Engineers, Inc. (Figg), MACTEC, a sub-consultant to Figg, denies the allegations in the lawsuit and cites DelDOT’s actions, project management, and decision-making as the factors that led to increased costs for the bridge. MACTEC is confident that a truly objective, fact-based review of the chronology of events, DelDOT’s responsibilities, and DelDOT’s decisions, including withholding of key information from Figg and MACTEC with the approval from the highest level in DelDOT, will result in dismissal of the complaint.

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Kids Saying No to Engineering Careers

That’s the title of a blog post by Loren Faulkner of California Builder and Engineer, an Associated Construction Publication. He cites a recent survey by the American Society for Quality (ASQ). ASQ/Harris conducted its survey […]