Damage on Fourth Avenue in Anchorage Alaska after the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964
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Alaskan megathrust fault more active under Kodiak

The 1964 Alaska Earthquake was 9.2 in magnitude and caused dramatic destruction and dramatic examples of surface rupture, subsidence, and liquefaction. New paleoseismic evidence points to a previously unknown earthquake that happened on the same […]

Cal's Memorial Stadium, schedule for seismic upgrades
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Cal’s Memorial Stadium ready for face-lift

Any geological engineer or engineering geologist worth their salt knows that the Hayward Fault goes right through Cal’s Memorial Stadium. The stadium will be undergoing some $321 in repairs and seismic upgrades before it reopens […]

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Weekend CUP for April 13, 2010

Subsidence Beneath a UK Sports Stadium | Geology.com Widespread landslides in Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi in Brazil – Dave’s Landslide Blog Contractor Cleared to Start Tunnel On Hetch Hetchy System Program – ENR: Engineering […]

Geologic Hazards

Anniversary of Loma Prieta Earthquake – USGS Warns of Hayward Fault

October 17 was the 18th anniversary of the 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake that struck the Bay area.  But a recent story by the Bay Area’s local ABC affiliate, ABC7, chose to focus on another earthquake, a 1868 earthquake of about the same magnitude that occurred on the Hayward Fault. According to the USGS, the Hayward Fault has a return period of about 140-years and  "It’s the most heavily urbanized fault in the U.S. and it’s just waiting to go off…" Next year will be the 140-th anniversary of the last earthquake on the Hayward Fault. At some point it has the potential to be a very bad earthquake there. More after the break. (Photo by sanbeiji)