High-tech pothole-seeking van from Northeastern University
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The van that goes looking for potholes

A team from Northeastern University has a very interesting van used for quantitatively assessing pavement condition using a variety of sensors. They use cameras, laser profilers, accelerometers on axles, pressure sensors in the tires, microphones, […]


Columbus Era Aztec Emperor’s Tomb Found with GPR

Archaeologists beleive that they may have found the tomb of Aztec emperor Ahuizotl (ah-WEE-zoh-tuhl). Using ground-penetrating radar, they have detected underground chambers that could contain the remains of Ahuizotl, who ruled the Aztecs when Columbus landed in the New World.

This find would not have been possible were it not for strong earthquake in 1985 that severely damaged a Colonial Spanish building. Buildings of this type were built a top the Aztec ruins and are considered too valuable to remove for excavations. Apparently, before this find, no Aztec emperor’s tomb had ever been found at this location despite writings describing an Aztec ceremonial center because Spanish conquerors constructed over the site. Read on for the full story link. (Photo by Grabthar)