Cal's Memorial Stadium, schedule for seismic upgrades
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Cal’s Memorial Stadium ready for face-lift

Any geological engineer or engineering geologist worth their salt knows that the Hayward Fault goes right through Cal’s Memorial Stadium. The stadium will be undergoing some $321 in repairs and seismic upgrades before it reopens […]

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The Claremont Tunnel – Designed to Survive Fault Rupture on the Hayward Fault

The Claremont tunnel beneath the Berkeley Hills on the east side of Oakland is a water supply tunnel that serves over 800,000 customers in Richmond, Oakland, San Leandro and neighboring communities. One of the unique things about the tunnel is that it crosses the active Hayward Fault. Most of the time when you talk about designing for earthquakes you’re talking about designing to withstand the seismic forces. In this case, the designers needed the water transmission tunnel to withstand up to 7.5-ft of offset due to fault slip and still maintain a minimum level of service. (Photo credit: Sue Bednarz, Jacobs Associates, Inc. by way of Civil Engineering Magazine)

This post describes the relatively recent Claremont Tunnel Seismic Upgrade Project as reported in Civil Engineering Magazine (May 2008, v. 78, no. 5, pp 58-63, 96-97).