New NCMA Segmental Retaining Wall Design Manual and Software

Screenshot from SRWall 4.0 software from the NCMA used for designing segmental retaining walls.

Ms. Gabriela Mariscal from NCMA wrote in an article entitled “New tools for designing segmental retaining walls” that the second edition of the DMSRW was released in 1997, in 1998 a seismic design manual was published, and in 2002 a drainage manual related to SRWs was released. The upcoming version of the manual will incorporate recommendations from both supplemental manuals into one document. Other changes include:

  • Hinge height concept removed
  • Bulging calculation method updated
  • Serviceability requirements for connection strength eliminated
  • Offset surcharges added
  • Rectangular distribution of dynamic load added
  • Internal compound stability analysis added

A summary description of these changes is included in Ms. Mariscal’s CE News Article. Source: ASCE SmartBrief.


  1. i have tiered wall to design.
    lower wall is 5m high, upper wall is 8m high, and offset is 1.2m.
    can i design using your software?
    i am in seoul, korea
    your prompt anser would be highly appreciated.
    thanks a lot

  2. where can I buy the new NCMA Segmental Retaining Wall Design Manual and Software ? How much it costs?

  3. Hey Jalil. You can order it directly from NCMA at their bookstore. [url][/url]

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