Webinar on Identifying and Reducing Landslide Risk
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Webinar: Identifying and Reducing Landslide Risk

The American Geosciences Institute is hosting a webinar on Identifying and Reducing Landslide Risk on April 17, 2019 at 1:00 pm EDT. In this webinar, experts in landslide characterization, mapping, and risk reduction discuss landslide impacts […]

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Drones and Natural Disasters

This is my colleague Dimitrios Zekkos, Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, and the founder of Geoengineer.org. He’s talking about his group’s research involving utilizing drones after natural disasters. Cool stuff! [Source: University of […]

2005 La Conchita Landslide
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Landslide Insurance Very Rare

There were just a few sentences in this article/blog post about landslide insurance. Most geoprofessionals realize that home-owners insurance does not cover landslides, floods or most other geologic hazards. But what I found interesting in […]

The OctoKopter hovering on a previous project in Antartica
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Micro-copter UAVs mapping landslide

A professor from the University of Tasmania and as many as 20 of his students are using two ‘OctoKopters’ UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles to create a detailed 3D map of a landslide in Ranelagh, […]