GeoGirl – Fighting Geohazards Since 2016!

GeoGirl, geotechnical comic book hero!

The comic book superhero GeoGirl fights to protect the public from geohazard villains such as Dick Clay and Lance Lied! These entertaining geotechnical comic books are developed by San Francisco Bay Area geotechnical engineering firm Murray Engineers Inc. in collaboration with a local artist, Amelia Pendleton. Murray Engineers staff were kind enough to send me Issue 1 as well as the recently release Issue 2! Initially, I assumed they would be PDFs, but what a great surprise to find out that they actually mailed me both issues of a glossy, old-school comic book! The stories are entertaining, and the illustrations are fabulous! My kids even picked them up and read them. This is such a neat way to explain geotechnical engineering to people, particularly kids!