Locating the Tomb of Genghis Khan Using Remote Sensing and Geophysics

Genghis Khan Portrait

Genghis Khan PortraitGhengis Khan has been dead for over 800 years, but history still remembers his legacy, the largest contiguous empire in history stretching from Asia to Europe and south to India and the Himalayas. A University of California, San Diego, researcher, Albert Yu-Min Lin, hopes to secure $700K in funding to perform a non-invasive investigation to attempt to locate the location of the Mongolian Warlord’s burial site. (Image from wikimedia)

He has already begun the first phase of his 3-year project, to review donated GeoEye Corp. satelite imagery to look for potential disturbed areas. If his funding comes through and he can secure permission from the Mongolian authorities, he hopes to use magnetometry and ground penetrating radar to survey promising sites to attempt to locate the site where Ghengis Khan is located. Source: ABC News: High-Tech Search for Legendary Warlord.