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The goal of this blog is to be a useful resourse for geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists in their practice. I hope that through the commenting system, readers of can build off of the posts and start a useful dialogue to create a complex, nuanced, civil discussion on topics of interest to our industries.

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Anyone can comment on a GeoNews Post or Article, simply use the comment form found at the bottom of the content. It should be fairly straight forward. Your email address will not be displayed! Non-registered users will have to punch in characters from a security images prior to submitting. When you submit the comment, if you are a registered user (and also logged in!), your comment will appear right away. If you are a guest or forgot to login, your comment will need to be approved prior to being shown. Please be patient for approval, and don’t submit your comment multiple times.

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Due to time constraints because of all the other work we need to do, we’re unable to reply to questions about why a comment might have been moderated, or why someone was blocked for posting multiple inappropriate comments.

Why are comments closed on some posts?

This blog has posts in a variety of categories, and we open many up for commentary because we welcome feedback. However, some posts are simply for informational purposes, while on others, we welcome feedback through another means of contact specified in the post. To focus appropriately when feedback isn’t needed, comments will be closed on a post.

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Currently we are using the Gravatar service for your avatar image. If you want to see your photo or other image next to your comment, you need to sign up for a Gravatar using the same email address that you enter in the comment form. Many other blogs use this “Global Avatar” for their commenting system or forums as well.

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