The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Kentucky Geological Survey Utilized Dataforensics’ PLog Enterprise for their Publicly Searchable Geotechnical Database

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Norcross, Georgia, July 28, 2009 – In a joint project between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS), PLog Enterprise was chosen as a key software component in developing a web-based, searchable database of geotechnical investigation data.

PLog Enterprise is a GIS-based geotechnical data management system which provides the ability to archive existing gINT projects into a single, searchable GIS-based Enterprise database. gINT is geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management and reporting software developed by gINT Software. PLog Enterprise provides a map based interface for visualizing, accessing, and reporting the data as well as tools to facilitate data mining. Clients can use PLog Enterprise’s intuitive interface to query their field and geotechnical laboratory results based on user defined criteria.

KYTC and KGS developed dynamic web pages to enable users to search data archived using PLog Enterprise and download publications from the query results. The dynamic query page is based on KYTC’s PLog Enterprise database. Once the geotechnical borehole results are returned by the software, the user has the option to view geotechnical information such as a project report (in PDF format), geology summary report, or view the boreholes on a map interface. Views for borehole logs or a soil and rock summary report for individual points in the project are also options available.

 “This web-based distribution system facilitates a more efficient method for state employees, engineering firms, and the general public to have easy access to information for comparing previous geotechnical projects in areas near proposed geotechnical projects,” stated Bill Broyles, Director for the Division of Materials at KYTC. “PLog Enterprise gave us the capability to archive our data directly from individual gINT projects – the format we required from our contractors.”

Scott Deaton, president of Dataforensics, stated, “We are excited to be a part of this cutting edge, web-based geotechnical database system that is fully operational and available to anyone with internet access. KYTC has already archived their geotechnical data in individual gINT projects from 2007 forward into a single, searchable geotechnical database using PLog Enterprise.”

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About the joint KYTC and KGS project

The website to query results may be accessed at and selecting “Search Geotechnical Borehole Information”.

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